We make the cities NYCE!

Our NYCE hotels combine the special with that certain something that makes a visit to the small but fine hotels - no matter in which city - a special experience. Feel good in a family atmosphere instead of just checking in and out in an impersonal building. With us, the guest is welcomed with heart and soul. In hotels with a unique design that also responds to the individuality of its surroundings. NYCE makes every city special and offers JUST A NYCE STAY.

Have a Break, have a Fest

Our breakfast is not only NYCE to you, but also to the environment. We love sustainable products that not only taste good, but also leave no unnecessary packaging behind. In addition, our small offer conjures up a NYCE SMYLE on the face of every breakfaster. If that isn't the perfect way to start the day? Of course it is.

NYCE! scent in the air

Hey. hey Popcorn also puts you in a good mood outside of the cinema hall. High time to put the sweet or salty snack on a stage. We love NYCE moments that are sweet and cool. Our NYCE Hour is in our bar every evening from 6pm to 8pm. Each drink comes with a bowl of fresh popcorn. Or even two, because we're just NYCE. Feel free for a NYCE evening.

How NYCE! is that?

Shirts, polos, hoodies, which - hardly that on the market - have developed into a cool lifestyle with a high "must-have factor". Our small but fine merchandise line reflects our passion for city & outdoor. Lifestyle clothing and objects for everyday life. Light, urban and above all 100% sustainable by Stanley/Stella. Simply NYCE. Available directly at the reception.

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